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Rare Access: Winning Strains in High Throughput Screening

Our Rare Access interview this month features Victoria Kim. Victoria is an Associate Scientist on the High Throughput Screening team. She discusses her transition into biotech, picking winning strains, and much more.  Click below to view the interview:  Would you mind letting everybody know your background and current role at Demetrix? I went to school […]

Market Applications for Rare Bioactives

Rare Bioactives In the Market We’ve discussed the benefits of “up and coming” bioactives and ongoing research into these powerful compounds. But there are already many rare bioactives on the market already using these ingredients in exciting and new ways. Let’s look at how they’re currently used to improve our food, skincare, and quality of […]

Can CBG Fight Dandruff?

Studies are hinting at the potential for CBD to be used as an anti-dandruff ingredient, and recently information has come out that CBG may do the same. Dandruff is often a symptom of scalp psoriasis and seborrheic dermatitis. Both conditions cause plaques on the scalp that are often dry, itchy, and irritated. CBD and CBG […]

Rare Access: High Throughput Process Engineering

Our Rare Access Interview this month features Jeremy Gruber. Jeremy is a Process Engineer on the High Throughput Process Engineering team at Demetrix. We discuss his unique background in winemaking, selecting and scaling strains, and much more. Click below to view the interview Hi Jeremy, would you mind letting everyone know your background and current […]

Why is it Important to Research Rare Cannabinoids?

Everywhere you look, there seems to be an article highlighting the newest benefit of cannabinoids. We know they can better human lives, so why do we need to research rare cannabinoids? In actuality, there isn’t a lot of rigorous scientific research on this class of compounds. Much of the “new” information posted online is creatively […]