Cannabinoids: Just the Beginning

Cannabinoids are a class of compounds that are active in promoting health and wellness. Historically, they have been completely skipped over by modern research because of their prohibition. Now, Demetrix has reached the initial stage of a significant health and wellness game-changer with the promise of cannabinoids.
By understanding the activity of each cannabinoid, we can then study and apply our scientific discoveries to real-world solutions. Even the rarest cannabinoids can be produced at high purity and high volumes to improve lives around the world.

Our science-backed methods enable us to offer:

Safe Products

Products that are tested to ensure proper use

Efficacious Results

Supported by science and research

Global Supply

Consistent, affordable and reliable

Stringent Standards

Socially responsible products that meet required regulations


Reduced environmental footprint, preservation of the planet

High Purity Product

Nature-identical to plant-based cannabinoids without THC and other impurities

The Power of Science

We are pioneering the study and production of the more than 100 rare cannabinoids and their interactions with the human body.

Partner With Us

We want to get our ingredients in your hands
quickly, reliably, and consistently

Demetrix is excited by the potential of cannabinoids and their ability to help improve people’s lives across the globe.
Let’s talk about how our innovations can benefit your customers today and for years to come.