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Rare Access: DNA Operations and Sequencing Pipelines

DNA Operations at Demetrix Our Rare Access interview this month features Anna Lee, scientist on the DNA operations team at Demetrix. Anna focuses on building genotype strains at a high throughput, with the goal of making processes more efficient and robust. Click below to view her interview Welcome Anna thanks for joining us! So Anna […]

Producing Yeast Derived Cannabinoids

How GM Yeast Produces Novel Cannabis Compounds Biologists have taken the genes that produce cannabinoids in weed and plugged them into yeast, resulting in rare and novel yeast derived cannabinoids. Christopher Intagliata reports. The compounds THC and CBD are known as cannabinoids, because they come from cannabis. AKA marijuana. Now biologists have taken the genes that […]

The Skin Microbiome – Part I

Your skin is covered in microorganisms. The average person has around 1,000 different species of microorganisms, from bacteria to fungi, living in and on their skin. These organisms are collectively known as the skin microbiome. When properly balanced, this microbiome helps protect your body. The skin microbiome is complex, so we’ll take a closer look in this […]

Rare Access: Computing and “Letting the Magic Happen”

Our Rare Access interview this month features Darren Platt, President and Chief Information Officer, at Demetrix. Darren enjoys working in two worlds, and also uniting the science and computing teams at Demetrix. Read on to learn more of his insight into the company and how technology is an integral part of operations across the board. […]

Cannabinoid Isolates Vs Full Spectrum: Let’s Compare

Many CBD products on the market display “CBD” prominently on the front of their label or packaging. But then there is often an additional line underneath describing the product as “broad spectrum”, “full spectrum”, or “CBD isolate”. This leads many people to wonder, what’s the difference? And does it matter? There’s actually a pretty big […]

CEO Jeff Ubersax Discusses Fermentation and Rare Cannabinoids

This week, as part of our Rare Access series, we’re talking to Demetrix CEO Jeff Ubersax. He discusses cannabinoids, fermentation, and why Demetrix believes in the power of science to make the world a better place. Can you introduce yourself and give us a little background into your experience in the cannabinoid and fermentation industry? […]