Arete-G™ is Sustainable, & Socially Responsible

High Purity CBG with No THC or Plant Material – Ever.

Sustainability of CBG

What Can Fermentation Do for You?

Demetrix produces high purity, non-psychoactive cannabinoids using fermentation. Our first product is Arete-G, and we are actively sampling potential customers.

Compared to agricultural methods of production, the figures say it all:

We are dedicated to sustainability throughout the life cycle of our ingredients, from our lab to your hands. We’d love to tell you how.

Water requirements per kilogram of CBGA produced

Hectares of Land Required Per Kilogram Of CBGA Produced

Relative CO2 Emissions Per Kilogram Of CBGA Produced

  1. Assumes dry flower yield of 8% CBGA (w/w) or CBGA commercial production titers.

  2. Posterity Group (2019) report of findings: Greenhouse energy profile study; & Demetrix management estimates.

  3. Upland Agricultural Consulting (2019) Commercial cannabis production in British Columbia: best available control technologies and regulatory oversight of environmental considerations; & Demetrix management estimates.

  4. Deloitte Access Economics, 2016.