Why Fermentation?

Benefits of Fermentation, Our Approach, and the Demetrix Platform

Demand for natural ingredients has never been higher. From consumer products to pharmaceuticals, companies that are hoping to build brands with natural products require a stable supply of high-quality, high-purity ingredients.  However, too often agriculture alone cannot meet this rapidly growing demand.

Cannabinoids is just one industry where agriculture can’t meet demand, and this is where fermentation comes into play. While there are more than 100 unique cannabinoids found in the hemp and cannabis plant, the majority of them are available in extremely low concentrations, and often represent less than one percent of the flower. As a result, many of these ingredients have never been studied due to the scores of resources required to produce even small quantities of the rarest cannabinoids. 

That’s where fermentation comes in.

Generalists vs. specialists

Agriculture is a generalist when it comes to producing cannabinoids. While various strains of plants can emphasize some compounds over others, rare cannabinoids are a near infinitesimal biproduct of the hemp or cannabis plant.  Agriculture isn’t an efficient way to harvest these ingredients, it provides limited control, produces a lot of waste, and isn’t very agile.  While agriculture can be useful to for a number of tasks as it relates to cannabinoids, it’s the master of none, and is difficult and inefficient to scale.

Fermentation, on the other hand, is a highly streamlined and specialized approach. This exacting process allows for controlled production of a single cannabinoid at a time. It is a precise, sustainable method that requires few resources, offers control over the output, creates less waste, and works quickly.  Since fermentation is designed to accomplish one task quickly and efficiently, scaling is easy and less costly than agriculture. This means that through fermentation high volumes of rare cannabinoids can be produced without all the inefficiencies of growing massive amounts of cannabis plants. 

Benefits of Fermentation

Using fermentation to create cannabinoids takes nature’s unpredictability out of the equation. It can be used to create affordable access to rare, powerful, and sustainable ingredients.  A few key benefits of using fermentation include:

·      The ability to create rare ingredients with greater that 95 percent purity
·      Requires significantly fewer resources than nature
·      Ensures product supply reliability, independent of weather and geography
·      Scales easily and quickly as demand grows
·      Yields ingredients in weeks, not months

Our technology platform 

The team at Demetrix believes in the power of science to make the world a better place.  Our fermentation technology platform allows us to pioneer the production, study, and use of rare cannabinoids for a range safe, effective, and legal health and wellness products based on  cannabinoids.  Interested in learning more about our progress unlocking the potential of rare cannabinoids?  Visit us at www.demetrix.com, or connect with us on Twitter or LinkedIn.


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