Demetrix Is Scaling The Cannabinoid Industry

Whether or not you partake in the $30 billion legal cannabis market, the legalization of cannabis in parts of the U.S. and Canada has helped to destigmatize and legalize the use of the cannabinoid family of chemicals for scientific research. This is opening the door to exploring its therapeutic potential for inflammation, pain, anxiety, and even cancer.

The Next Great Cannabinoid: CBG

In the race to find the next great product in this family of plant molecules, Berkeley-based Demetrix announced today that it has commenced 15,000-liter demo-scale fermentation production of CBG, the first rare cannabinoid it will take to market. The company sees this as a big step towards the commercialization of rare cannabinoids for a range of safe, effective, and legal health and wellness products, from pharmaceuticals to skincare. 

Demetrix CEO Jeff Ubersax says that CBG (also known as cannabigerol) is among the first cannabinoids in the chemical pathway that plants make. “This is a cannabinoid that most of the other cannabinoids are derived from,” says Ubersax. Based on its early testing of the molecule, Demetrix believes CBG has some interesting potential applications beyond current uses.

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