Rare Access: Skincare & New Bioactives

New Skincare Bioactives & Ingredients

Our Rare Access interview this month features Laura Schmit, Senior Director of Branding at Demetrix. She explains current skincare trends, new bioactives and ingredients we expect will impact the industry’s future.

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Would you mind letting everybody your background and current role at Demetrix?

I’ve worked in prestige beauty for 25+ years and I’ve specialized in brand strategy with a focus on marketing, sales development, and product development across several categories. This included makeup, skin care, and hair care and most recently my position at Demetrix, which is to incubate new brands. 

What are some of the trends we’re currently seeing in skincare?

Its an exciting time in skin care. There’s a lot of innovation coming to the market. We’re finding that consumers aren’t shopping in stores due to Covid. They have become more educated on ingredients and the benefits that they offer. We’re also seeing a trend in waterless beauty which would be no water in the formulas or minimal water needed.  We’re also seeing science and technology take more of a leading role. Science is actually providing new bioactives which is true innovation and that’s really helping to accelerate the growth in the market.

It sounds like consumers are shopping ingredient first versus brand. It seems like they have a lot more time and information available at their disposal as they’re shopping. 

It’s interesting because the consumer really took it upon themselves to do a lot of research since they weren’t able to be in a retail setting and speak with someone. Self-care and wellness were also high priorities during the pandemic and skin care actually falls under self-care. Consumers are definitely looking for ingredients and then choosing products. 

We know that Demetrix is producing rare cannabinoids and the first target market is skin care.  So what about skincare in cannabinoids is so exciting and what can consumers expect from these products in their solutions?

Well there’s several reasons it’s exciting. I think number one, consumers have become very discerning about what they’re putting on their skin and into their bodies. There is the availability of new bioactives that are not only good for you but also good for the environment, and certainly Demetrix cannabinoids fit very well into that; they also are sustainably produced ingredients. We’re also seeing from testing data that it’s very promising what cannabinoids bring to formulations. Some of those would be antioxidants, anti-aging benefits, or supporting the health of the skin microbiome which is something consumers are becoming more and more aware of. It’s really interesting the plethora of benefits that they offer. 

We have seen an increase in research. I know at Demetrix we have a lot of research we’re excited to release. What is so exciting about this research towards the future of the skincare landscape?

I think that more available research really puts the consumer in the driver’s seat and I think that this is going to change the way consumers shop. I think their expectation of products, the ingredients, and the benefits of the ingredients have is going to be changing because of the fact that there’s actually testing and proof that these formulas are efficacious. 

It sounds like a lot of work in skin care is going to be headed towards sustainability and in research and development. 

Consumers want to know, to your point, that the  products are doing what they are promising. 

Laura I’m sure we will catch up with you at some point because things are moving fast. There’s a lot of new ingredients and products and I’m sure we’ll see more coming to market as the year goes on. 

Excellent I look forward to it Justin, thank you. 

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