Rare Access: Manufacturing & Commercial Scale Up

Manufacturing & Commercial Scale Up of CBG

Our Rare Access interview this month month features Bart Haverkorn Van Rijsewijk. He is the Vice President of Manufacturing at Demetrix. In our conversation, we explore Demetrix commercial scale up, CMO partnerships, and much more.

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Would you mind letting everybody know your background and your current role at Demetrix?

I’m biochemical engineer by trade, and have worked at various companies on various products, and I currently lead manufacturing at Demetrix.

We know manufacturing has had a lot of commercial success lately. Would you mind sharing some of the biggest accomplishments you’ve had this year?

The one in particular without a doubt is the successful scale up of CBG to commercial scale. Starting our commercial CBG manufacturing at the start of this year has been very rewarding.

What would you say has formed the foundation for that success leading up to this accomplishment?

I would say three things were very important. First is working with the right partner CMO. We put a lot of time into selecting the right partner and building a strong relationship with them. Second would be having the right technical foundation by making sure there’s a robust process in place for taking it from bench scale, through pilot and demo scale. The third would be the awareness of timing and how long things take. The best way to slow things down in scale up is by going too fast. We also have contingencies for when things go differently, as this often happens once you start.

What will be the focus for manufacturing the rest of this year?

The focus will heavily be on CBG manufacturing, containing to hit our COGs, specs, and volume targets. The second exciting part will be working towards manufacturing launches of our next product. We’re of course not stopping at CBG, there’s a lot more to come. The third is to build upon and strengthen our strategic CMO partnerships

Is there anything that might be difficult in speeding up current production while scaling up another cannabinoid?

Sure, in scale up it’s challenging and as we move to manufacturing production of CBG, our focus is to continually hit our targets with consistency. This will be a very important part of our work.

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