Rare Access: Facilities Team & Recent Building Expansion

Our Rare Access interview this month features Torre Meeks. Torre is a Facilities Coordinator on the Employee Experience team. We discuss his experience with the recent building expansion for Demetrix, and what it’s like being part of our team as we work towards the company’s common goals.

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Hi Torre, would you mind letting everyone know your background and current role here at Demetrix?

Currently I’m the Facilities Coordinator at Demetrix. My path to getting here wasn’t as typical as someone working in a lab setting. I spent some time after attending San Diego State working as an educator and teacher at an elementary school. I later worked at UC Berkeley in the Recreation Sports Department. Through those experiences I saw what it takes to manage large settings, and I was able to see areas I’d like to focus on which led to my job in facilities at Demetrix.

What are some of the goals and objectives for your team in facilities?

I came to Demetrix about a year ago. In that time we’ve made some pretty big strides, the largest being our expansion of space. Our original 17,500 sq foot footprint was doubled when we moved into our new location next door. That’s been our real focus  – elevating the experience for our lab users and making sure that all the scientists have what they need each day to continue pushing the mission of Demetrix.

What was it like being part of the Demetrix building expansion? How did this look like for your team?

When I started at Demetrix the buildout had just begun. It was really fun joining the team and being able to see it come together from the beginning, to the point its at today. We went from nothing to a fully operational lab. Logistically, there were a lot of moving pieces, but we made it all come together.

Were there any aspects of previous roles that helped you in your role despite switching industries?

I think what’s important in my role now is that you need to do a little bit of everything. I’m working with each team across the company in different lab settings, working on standard building maintenance, as well as getting direct lab experience working on equipment. The biggest thing I learned is that you need to continue to expand your capabilities and be open to learn and be hungry to grow.

After being at Demetrix over a year, what are some of your favorite things about working at the company?

I really enjoy the fast paced environment and that we’re a company growing at a rapid rate, which requires us to continue to grow ourselves. My other point is that we all work towards a common goal. There is a great shared sense of accomplishment when we’re able to get things done. Even though our teams work in different areas, we’re all working towards a common goal and that’s something that feels amazing each day.

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