Rare Access: Demetrix Employee Experience Team

Getting to Know the Demetrix Employee Experience Team

Our Rare Access interview this month features Nathalie Contat, Associate Director of the Employee Experience team here at Demetrix.

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Hi Nathalie, would you mind letting the audience know your background and current role at Demetrix?

Currently I am the Associate Director of the Employee Experience Team here at Demetrix. In my previous experience I worked for Nordstrom’s, managing several Bay Area locations. This allowed me to transition into my role in Human Resources. I started at Demetrix when we were at 20 employees and have seen our team grow tremendously over the years. It’s not often in Human Resources you get this kind of opportunity, and it’s been amazing what we’ve been doing the last few years at Demetrix.

What are some of the goals and objectives for the Employee Experience Team?

The goal of the Employee Experience Team is to ensure our employees are happy, healthy, and safe coming into work every day. I get the opportunity to support a diverse group of employees with different backgrounds and skill sets. This challenges me to always grow and deliver the best experience for our employees. We support employees in a way that equips them to be as happy and productive as possible. Our team comprises of Recruiting, Facilities, Lab Services, and Environmental Health & Safety. We all work with the philosophy of providing the best customer service for our employees.

With all the growth Demetrix has seen, what are some of the projects you and your team are currently working on?

Right now we’re building out some of the programs that we’ve been able to establish. We’re currently working through our semi-annual review cycle and are having calibration meeting with managers. We’re also reviewing compensation metrics for our current and future team members. Utilizing multiple data sources and trends, we’re able to ensure that Demetrix stays competitive in an ever-changing market and economy. We review these to ensure we offer the best total compensation package for all employees.

What does the future look like for the Employee Experience Team in 2022?

The Employee Experience Team is going to be growing which is really exciting because it expands the support we’re able to give our employees! We’re also looking to continue to diversify our benefits, add peer recognition programs, and update our onboarding experience for new hires. We look forward to bringing on new hires in 2022 and learning from their collective experience and ideas!

What are some of the benefits that future Demetrix employees can expect?

To ensure our mission, employees Demetrix covers 100% of medical, dental, and vision for employees and 90% for dependents. Demetrix offers generous flexible time off along with Pawternity leave for anyone who adopts an animal. We also have our parental leave which includes 16 weeks of paid time off for primary or secondary parents. To ensure employee growth, we have a continued education allowance that allows employees to take courses that interest them. To support our employees mental health, we offer a subscription to the Calm app. With all of these benefits, we’re trying to hit different areas that are important to employees inside and outside of the workplace.

Lastly Nathalie, why should someone join Demetrix?

We’re doing some really cool things in the industry right now, including our mission of lifting our footprint and doing things in a more sustainable way. We have been able to create a wonderful community of people together that bring so many great ideas and skillsets.

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