Rare Access: Bringing a Product to Market

Rare Access: Bringing a Product to Market

Rare access is back, and this week we are sharing an interview with Mary Resseguie, our VP who heads up business development, among other duties. Read on to learn more about bringing a new product to market, and how Demetrix strives to provide the best for our customers and ensures we are a trusted advisor to our partners.

Hi Mary! Please briefly describe your background and your current role at Demetrix. 

After graduating college, I obtained my PhD in Nutrition Biochemistry and was quickly recruited by a large food and beverage company to help develop innovative wellness products. My role expanded as we worked with external laboratories and academic centers, and I realized that I enjoyed translating scientific research into tangible business opportunities. It was only natural, then, that my career moved towards business development. 

At Demetrix, I work to ensure we have a strong story about our ingredients that we can share with potential customers. Ultimately, we want consumer products companies – our customers – to know the value our cannabinoids hold for consumers and choose to work with us based on this information.

One of our larger endeavors right now is gathering science-backed data surrounding promising cannabinoids.  This is important because there’s a lot of hype around cannabinoids, and we need to separate fact from fiction and support claims with science.

Demetrix believes that consumers seek knowledge and transparency. This is why we are focused on studying cannabinoids and clearly translating our findings to highlight benefits for health and wellness.  

What are the most important factors to consider with bringing a new product to market?

Cannabinoids are new ingredients and their legal status is continually changing. We need to navigate the current legal framework in each state and country we want to enter and be ready to adapt to any changes.

We also need to ensure any product we sell is safe, has completed all of the required regulatory testing and meets guidelines. There are different guidelines for topical and ingestible products, and we want to adhere to all of them.

To help us navigate these complex fields, Demetrix is working with experts who guide us through the new and evolving laws and the regulatory requirements that apply to our products.

We also want to know that our ingredients will have a meaningful impact on consumers. Most cannabinoids, especially the rare ones, have not been well studied and so, our aim is to learn more about them. We’re focused on working with top laboratories to help us understand the attributes of these rare ingredients.

What matters to a potential customer and how is Demetrix satisfying their needs? 

Consumers are moving towards clean, natural ingredients, but they also want their products to be safe and effective. In other words, people care about the ingredients in the products they use. With so much information readily available online, many buyers are researching products and what goes in them before they purchase.  

Trends have also indicated that consumers gravitate towards products and ingredients that deliver an overall experience. For example, there are strong preferences for products like lightweight moisturizers and pleasant-smelling serums, or natural ingredients that speak to consumers’ desire for “real” products.

Social and environmental responsibility is also important to consumers. People want to help the planet, so many consumers prefer brands that are ethically produced and do not damage the environment. 

The great thing is that here at Demetrix, our fermentation technology and initial focus on rare cannabinoids meets much of these criteria. 

Cannabinoids are natural ingredients, found in the Cannabis sativa plant, and are believed to have many beneficial properties. The cannabinoids we produce are exactly the same, even down to the molecular level, as the ones found in the plant.

Our fermentation process  is a consistent, sustainable method that produces a high-purity product at the same level of quality time after time. Our process uses 10 times less land and energy resources than required for the same amount of agriculturally produced cannabinoids, making it a more sustainable production method.

How is Demetrix ensuring that we deliver high-quality product, as promised?

At Demetrix we have recruited experts in their respective fields across R&D, manufacturing, regulatory and business – it’s a lot of impressive expertise and our people are awesome. Each department works together towards the goal of creating a reliable product that our customers can trust. With our experience and combined knowledge, we are able to accelerate the rate at which new products come to market, which is something that makes us appealing to customers and puts us ahead of the competition. 

We are also working with industry-leading research organizations to ensure the safety and efficacy of our products. This research is building the foundation for current and future opportunities. What we learn from science helps us generate knowledge and advance our understanding of cannabinoids, allowing us to become a trusted partner to our customers.

In what ways are we dedicated to helping people understand how to use and apply our products in the real world?

Any company can be an ingredient supplier, but we want to form trusted partnerships with our customers. By sharing scientific information, we will build a unique and strong level of trust with those who choose to work with us. This is key to our long-term success with cannabinoids.  

The more science-backed data we can share, the more research we can conduct, and the investment and interest from our partners can only lead to better, universal understanding of how these promising ingredients can improve people’s lives around the world.

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