CBG for Skincare

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CBG for Skincare, Backed by Science

At Demetrix, we believe that science has the power to make the world a better place.

Our foundational research shows cannabigerol (CBG) has attributes that hold tremendous potential as an active ingredient in skincare, cosmetic and personal care products including:

High-Purity, No THC - Ever

We provide high purity CBG that is bio-identical to the CBG found in the Cannabis sativa plant.

Yet our CBG has no impurities from THC, and no terpenes…ever.

By producing cannabinoids using fermentation, we are able to create CBG without many of the common impurities found with plant extraction, including terpenes. What you get is just CBG, without malodor or other formulation complications that can come from plant material.


Our team is dedicated to ongoing cannabinoid research to demonstrate efficacy and determine how these ingredients can provide a range of beauty, health and wellness benefits your consumers are actively seeking .

From our Labs to Your Hands

Why Fermentation?

Fermentation is a scalable and controllable process that is critical in expanding the market potential for cannabinoids. It’s also sustainable and socially responsible – which is key for making the world a better place.

And when compared to agricultural methods for CBG production, the figures say it all.

Fermentation production of rare cannabinoids results in:

We are dedicated to sustainability throughout the life cycle of our ingredients, from our lab to your hands. We’d love to tell you how.

CBG Fermentation

The Demetrix Difference

Scalable, global manufacturing footprint

A sustainable, socially responsible supply source.

Sustainable & socially responsible

A sustainable, socially responsible supply source.

Minimize and/or eliminate contaminants

A process designed at its core to minimize and/or eliminate contaminants like THC and terpenes.

Consistent supply

A highly controllable process that delivers high purity, consistent supply time after time.

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