A Look Back at 2021 and an Exciting 2022

2021 was a big year for Demetrix. We met our internal milestones and hired several skilled people for new, key positions. All while navigating the ever-changing cannabis industry. In 2022 Demetrix is excited to bring industry-leading products to market.

While it’s exciting to look back, we are focused on what the new year has in store. Making nature’s rarest ingredients accessible, sustainable, and affordable for happier, healthier lives is an ongoing process and we remain committed to this goal in 2022.  

Accomplishments and a Focus on the Future of Demetrix

Our teams were busy in 2021, meeting major milestones, and often exceeding expectations, always with an eye towards the future.

Here are some of our major achievements and how we plan to continue moving forward.

We’re proud to highlight our first product, cannabigerol (CBG), which became available for sampling in 2021. You can request a sample here.

Not ready to rest on their laurels, our Research and Development team has been hard at work creating new yeast strains for our next cannabinoid products. They play a key role in ensuring we have a healthy pipeline.

And manufacturing has been progressing quickly with scale-up at our commercial CMO.

Supporting our manufacturing team, Supply Chain and Logistics is putting the final touches on our warehouse and distribution processes.

Our Quality Department is, as always, streamlining our testing and approval to ensure all products are safe.

The Demetrix Marketing team was hard at work in 2021 redesigning the website and providing well-researched content to help separate fact from fiction. In 2022, you’ll continue to see well-informed articles about cannabinoids and the industry.

We’ve also been conducting scientific research on several cannabinoids to determine their unique profiles and potential. So far, the data has been exciting, opening up potential new applications.

Our Future Plans

Demetrix will continue to expand in 2022. We are on track to launch our next product, and we’ve got exciting news on the horizon, so stay tuned for that.

We will continue to apply scientific rigor to cannabinoids, seeking to unlock their potential. And we will continue to improve our processes, gain efficiencies, and provide accurate information.

Our focus hasn’t changed. We remain committed to improving lives through nature and science.

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